Saturday, May 1, 2010

to be continued...

It was 3 AM
on someone’s clock,
and Time hid behind
an Oak tree in the Park.
I was arguing outside
with that trifling-ass Wind
because he stole my tears
and I wanted them back.

Right then, Winter ripped into my clothes,
ran her tongue clean over my bones;
I get jacked the one time I leave my comfort at home…
I knew it was either drying on the canvas
or lingering on the toilet seat.

So I’m cussin’ and spittin’, duckin’ and kickin’
All of a sudden, I see a shimmer in the distance.
There she was, a steady, night-colored stone
with stardust in her eyes and moonlight tied around her waist.
Believe it or not, she glowed in the snow some kinda hot.
So I told Winter and Wind, to kiss my Timbs.

And it was only her and me.

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