Sunday, May 16, 2010

Smells like hunger

“Smells like hunger”

the robins run red-breasted
in the jagged yet bending grass
the layered greens hide the food
for the children in the trees calling:
twi twi twi
chip chip chip
twiddle di twiddle di

they are hungry

the 1 bus hauls its heaviness
back to broad street
lugging the weight
of those who carry
the weight of children
who sit in wooden cribs
calling in another language
 but crying in consistency:
wah wah wah
eh eeeh ehhhhh
wah wah waaaahhh

they are hungry

the piercing pitches
the abstract shadows
of sound i cannot see
the sun, the heat, its rays
wrap rainbows around
the out-of-focus eyelashes
that protect me from this vision

the sweat of a barking stomach
slipping into emptiness
the plastic smell of fire pit
running its doused tongue along
the roof of its upper palette

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