Monday, November 1, 2010

Poem: Fishy Things

Fishy Things

We collect intellect
from surfing the internet
but some minds enter nets
and get trapped—in cans like sardines,
thrown on a shelf and sold with pork and beans.
But it’s all too fishy to me: I see Pisces
drowning in the Milky Way Galax-sea;
no wonder fish are so rich with protein.

And I’m a poor Aquarius that pours aquariums
of H2O that transform into glaciers when it’s cold;
so I pray that the water won’t bury us
because we make deals to drive hot wheels
to carry us— when Greenhouse Heat is nefarious.
I'm dodging waves, wishing times would change
but we still let the color of our scales vary us.
One fish, Two fish, Black Fish, Blue Fish
Red fish, New fish, I read that the truth is
we didn't evolve from fishes with dividends
but we all got pockets that the government is fishing in.
And the government is gassed and bills don’t get passed
because constipated bigots can’t give a shit. Yes, it’s a stinky
shituation. So buy some Ex-lax and mix it up with the facts,
to get a batch that’ll loosen the lumps in any lower back.
Spliggitty Splash! Stand up! Wipe your ass! Flush …
and let the oppressive systems slip out of your system.

Realize that the past of your future is the present tense
so whether omnivarian or pescatarian,
take the die out of your diet and live.
And if you lose faith, then phone a friend.
And if you F up, then never fail to think again.
because that’s the real meaning of repen-tance.
Use your pen to unpin the ideas within;
and speak salvation with every sin-tence.