Monday, June 29, 2009

Starstruck - Santogold

Starstruck - Santogold


Do it again
And I'll see you tomorrow
I want to get it
You've got something to borrow

Can't make it feel right on my own
That's when I turn you on again
I buy it but it don't measure up
What is the missed ingredient

I, I see you fade
I, I see you fade away (2x)

Under the skin
It's not so easy to swallow
Don't reel me in
To find my dreams are so hollow
What is it you got I don't get
I watch you fumbling again
Look dreamy behind your cigarette
Know it ain't true now


Oooh wee ooh wee oooh
We all find you easy so amuse us
Don't get too heady you might abuse luck
You're starstruck

Sunday, June 21, 2009

She was...

No, she wasn’t a dream;

She was a stream of breath
down a spine

She was a taste—a tongue’s wonders
She was a sound—a rumble of lightning
She was a sight—a strike of thunder

She was a touch of glass
along a fragile soul

She was a smell of daffodils
like a drunkard’s destiny

She was a kiss
too late to heal
the beatings
of a heart.

So again I say No

as you know
we have not yearned the right way yet.

I lust for love
to eliminate lust
for love

to thrive
in my mind
the organ in my chest
has become
just that—the organ
with 4 divisions
that she played
with her hands and feet
pulsing blood through my pipes
but blaring it all out religiously

I just hope
that two-faced phantom of my mind
can make up his mind
before it is time
for this opera
to begin.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Hopeless Attachment"

I was a dislocated football player

who fumbled love

to a hyper-extended cheerleader

on the sideline.

I didn’t mean to,

but just like listening to a song on the radio,

it happened.

I didn’t like “Blame it on the Alcohol”…when I first heard it…

but I kept hearing it, so I grew tolerant of it.

I opposed everything that song stood for.

Yet, I knew about every damned word to it!

I even laughed at how ridiculous it was!

Still, I chose to listen.

And with no other selection of song to hear,

it turned into the only tune I could turn to.

It became a hopeless attachment

that I couldn’t see myself living without.

So in essence, I began to love it.

Now, I am hyper-extended

from yelling on the sideline

because she dislocated that love

and limped away.

Our time together was everything

but the scoreboard was always broken.

So by the flip of a coin,

our everything was already nothing.

And if nothing is everything and everything is time

than time is nothing.

This song is out of tune.

Reset the scoreboard if you must.