Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Hopeless Attachment"

I was a dislocated football player

who fumbled love

to a hyper-extended cheerleader

on the sideline.

I didn’t mean to,

but just like listening to a song on the radio,

it happened.

I didn’t like “Blame it on the Alcohol”…when I first heard it…

but I kept hearing it, so I grew tolerant of it.

I opposed everything that song stood for.

Yet, I knew about every damned word to it!

I even laughed at how ridiculous it was!

Still, I chose to listen.

And with no other selection of song to hear,

it turned into the only tune I could turn to.

It became a hopeless attachment

that I couldn’t see myself living without.

So in essence, I began to love it.

Now, I am hyper-extended

from yelling on the sideline

because she dislocated that love

and limped away.

Our time together was everything

but the scoreboard was always broken.

So by the flip of a coin,

our everything was already nothing.

And if nothing is everything and everything is time

than time is nothing.

This song is out of tune.

Reset the scoreboard if you must.

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