Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shy Days Come Away

*I was browsing through the R&B/Soul section in Walmart, and the album covers of two CDs struck me: Sade's Love Deluxe and Norah Jones' Come Away With Me. Something in me wanted to buy both of them, but only one was in my budget. I chose Norah only because the album was printed on recycled materials and because it was cheaper than Sade's. But to honor both artists, I wrote down the tracklistings of both on the inside of a envelop I found at the Photo Center. The next day, I looked at what I had and composed it into a neat little poem. I reccomend you to listen to both CDs because these musicians have amazing voices that could make anyone's heart melt.

" Shy Days Come Away"

This love

deluxe is nothing ordinary:

I feel no pain because I couldn’t love you more.

Like a tattoo, I wear your kiss of life permanent on my lips.

I cherish the day your pearls of thought penetrated my bulletproof soul.

Like a mermaid, I don’t know why I drowned under seas of sorrow

for seven years straight. You got my cold cold heart feelin’ the same way.

I appreciate you, so come away with me. Let’s lay in cerulean meadows,

shoot the moon and keep missing. Turn me on, light up this lonestar.

I’ve got to see you again wearing your skin. You are this painter’s song.

We are only one flight down from heaven. Let’s fly, my nightingale;

the long day is over. The nearness of you

frees me.

Robert Gibson Jr.

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