Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nature in New York

Last Month, I performed along with Slam Nahuatl and other features at an event called "Nature In New York". It was a talent-packed show with lots of energy. Well the story behind this one was spur of the moment (like everything else in my life) but beautiful.

I was listening to a new found friend Chris Dunn perform a piece that he had 'no words for'. I listened to him perform the song and something moved me to read my poem to it while he was playing. I discovered that if I slowed down the pace that I read it at, it matched his rhythm. So I approached Chris after he got off of stage and asked if he would play that behind my poem while I recited. He happily agreed and we even got our friend Jamie to play the drum with us. So it was complete, his wordless tune finally had lyrics to make the song complete!
Here it is. Enjoy!

(Jamie, get well soon brother, you have more music to make with us!)


Belle Lutte said...

love it, very dope! :)

Nicol3 said...

DAYUMN that shit's groovy as gravy.